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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by MilitaryMac, May 13, 2017.

  1. MilitaryMac

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    Is there anyway we could have MVP tombstones implemented? There seems to be a few people that just have a monopoly on some specific mvps. I've spent that last few days searching maps every hour or so, only to find out the mvp hasn't respawned. Previous servers have had the tombstones which list the server time the mvp was killed. Most mvps have a 30min+ window of randomness to the spawn time but it could respawn right after you finish sweeping the map and you'd never know.

    The counter argument to not implementing them is normally something like "mvp control is something that guilds do on the main servers and is just a part of the normal game." To which I normally respond that healer, warper, 30x rates, reset npc, and donation items already give a bit of a unfair advantage to the monopoly when a champ can 1 hit most. Right now the lead on the mvp ladder has something like +450 point while 2nd and 3rd are around 250 and 115.

    All in all, the tombstones don't really even need to have specific times. Just something saying the mvp is dead will cut down on time wasted searching and if you really want the monster. You can just sit on the tombstone till it disappears, showing the mvp has respawned.

    I hope you consider it.


  2. Kave

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    -, very BIG -----

    A player who got MvP time have to keep it and play it like, while you have Mvp you dont want anybody to come there, with Tomb, 5 champions gonna wait for it.
    bad idea
  3. Brytenwalda

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    Yea with tomb you're increasing competition on yourself since everyone waits for its spawn time. Make multiple accounts, log then, use online point for convex mirror to know when will it respawn.

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