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    King of Emperium

    • We have 2 KoE event EVERY SATURDAY (test run)
      • 10:00 - 10:30 Server Time (GMT + 8)
      • 10:35 - 11.05 Server Time (GMT + 8)
    • Event Duration:
      • 30 minutes X 2 round
    • KoE Reward for Winner
      • Prize will be given to all members who are still inside the map after the event.
        • So you really have to defend the emperium. This is why we call this event; King of Emperium.
        • If your guild won and you are outside the map, you have no chance to get the prize. You will get your reward when you talk to npc name EXIT. This npc will appear once KOE end.
      • x30 Elixir of Life (we will revise this soon)


    1. You must have a guild and the guild have skill to hit emp.
    2. During KOE hour, just use NPC name THE KING prontera,155,216,4. THE KING will warp you to KOE map.
    3. Break the emp and defend the areana till end.

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