Hai new to MobiRO ;3

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by Umi, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Umi

    Umi New Member

    Helloo I'm Umi, i also highly prefer you call me that x) i love playing RO and I've played pc version and I'd say I'm an experienced player ^^ would love to make new friends and help level, nice to meet you all! hope to see some of you online.
  2. wicka

    wicka New Member

    Hi hi welcome to mobiRO, Umi! :D Hope to meet you in-game. my ign is Wicka ;)
  3. Sufi Asri

    Sufi Asri New Member

    Hi Umi and Wicka. Hope to see you in game too. My IGN : Papazola - Rogue. Hope to see u guys online. But Im always online at 2am or 3am. :D
  4. Kang Maru

    Kang Maru New Member

    hi Umi , Wicka , Papazola.. Kang Here nice to meet u all

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