Donation Information and Method (MALAYSIAN BANKIN)

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    Thank you for considering donating to mobiRO.

    Playing at mobiRO is totally FREE. However, making a donation helps to cover the costs of running a server.
    Donations are used to help cover servers (game server and proxy) also web hosting fees as well as going towards any server upgrades, advertising and other server expenses.

    Refunds: All donations and benefits of donations are non-refundable.
    Server Rules: Making a donation does not exempt you from abiding by the server's rules.

    Donating via BANK:

    Maybank Account Number: 158051455359
    Cimb Account Number : 7052829315

    For verification you can simply whatsapp our server root at this number: 0186883436


    RM4 = 100 POD
    RM40 = 1000 POD
    RM400 = 10000 POD

    USD1 = 100 POD
    USD10 = 1000 POD
    USD100 = 10000 POD

    PHP50.50 = 100POD
    PHP505.00 = 1000 POD
    PHP5000 = 10000 POD

    IND RUPIAH13500.00 = 100POD
    IND RUPIAH134000.00 = 1000POD
    IND RUPIAH1340000.00 = 10000POD

    P/S those currency exchange we follow most nearer to USD.
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    GM , that bank account holder name is what? MobiRO?

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